Crossroads Set Design with BLOOM.


Crossroads – Interactive Set Design for TEDx Wanchai with BLOOM.

“What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.”

Charles Baudelaire

Intersections are nodes, joints, meeting points, defining points, changes in direction. They are starting points, end points, and divergent.

The city today consists of grids, nodes and routes. Within this we interact, collide and create. The frantic order and frequency of these interactions is either 1/ constructive, 2/ destructive or 3/ passive. In thismanner, the binary decisions we make exist beyond those which are at first perceived. Collectively, they take on larger meanings.

Within this context, we seek to explore the constraints of the city whilst showing its sporadic and frenetic nature at various scales. From the city grid down to the individual, all components have relationshipswhich intersect to formulate the present.

For this years’ TEDx Wanchai, BLOOM have installed a 100m2 interactive sculptural backdrop. A responsive paraboloid hangs in space. Live data from the audience occupancy levels sculpt the music,lighting and movement of the piece. Every individual entering the theatre produces a light flicker, a jolt in the movement, a disruption, translating the occupant directly into part of this abstract city grid.

‘Change is an aligned and collective process created through a series of intersections’.

BLOOM. 2016

Photo by Moses Ng/ MozImages

Photo by Moses Ng/ MozImages